what is a hachoir

What is a Hachoir? The Serious Answer

What is a Hachoir?

Hachoir is the French name for a mezzaluna kitchen knife. This kitchen knife has a lot of different names like a half moon, mostly used in Italy, then the herb chopper in the UK, Mezzaluna, lettuce or vegetable chopper. That’s the simple answer to the question of what is a hachoir or mezzaluna.

But read on, this kitchen knife carries far more than just a lot of different names.

In the US the term Mezzaluna is most commonly used. It means half moon, because of the curved shape of the blade like a half moon. The Knife has a handle on each end like you can see in the picture of this post.

This Kitchen Blade is very popular in Europe and it looks back on many years of existence. Due to the fact that it brings so many benefits, the mezzaluna blade has conquered the whole world.

It’s mainly used in kitchens for chopping & mincing herbs, veggies and meat. It comes mostly with a single blade, but there are also mezzaluna blades with two, in rare cases even with three blades.

Do you need too much time to prepare herbs or vegetables in small pieces?

Then a mezzaluna knife is your new friend. It’s one of the great strengths of this kitchen knife.

To be faster than with classic kitchen knives. The preparations for salads, side dishes, and other kitchen works can take a lot of time. And I think you agree that we can use this time better than to invest hours for mincing & chopping ingredients.

That’s why this knife comes in the game and went so popular. Experienced chefs can use a chef’s knife if it comes to mince herbs. But how many cooks are so gifted with the knife?

Me at least not and I have always annoyed because I can not, but that’s how it is, you need a lot of experience and a clever hand to do this.

Never ever cut yourself again

Another reason for a hachoir or mezzaluna kitchen knife is that there is a lower risk of injury, it is almost impossible to cut your fingers because the fingers do not come into contact with the blades. The hands are always on the two handles.

For cooks with a rather restless hand a valuable good. Overall this kitchen knife can be a great enrichment. If you are already fast with a classic kitchen knife, you never cut yourself and you feel comfortable, you will not need it. But if one of the points applies to you, I can recommend it to you.

We have selected some of the most popular mezzaluna knives for you if you want to give it a chance 🙂



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