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12 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets 2019 That Will Make Your Life Easy

Amazing Kitchen Gadgets 2019 You Won’t Miss In Your Kitchen

What would be a kitchen without helping hands in the form of kitchen gadgets? In the following, you find the 12 best helpers that will make your life easier and save you a lot of time.

#1 Lettuce Chopper for Salads & Veggies

Kitchen GadgetsIf you like to break records in chopping veggies, fruits, sandwiches and much more you have to go for a lettuce chopper.



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#2 Ice Ball Maker

Kitchen GadgetsThe juice is not cold, outside it is very hot or you just fancy a glass of whiskey? No problem.

The easy solution is called ice balls. Ice balls are not normal ice cubes, they are round and it’s already proven that round ice lasts longer.


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#3 Pizza Cutter

Kitchen GadgetsFood has to look good right? With this pizza cutter, you will make you and your family feel like you are visiting your favorite pizzeria. In other words, you will make beautiful pieces that will knock everyone out of their socks!


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#4 Egg Poacher

Kitchen GadgetEggs are part of a good breakfast. But it is not always easy to get the right consistency, soft, medium or hard? No problem that will be a breeze for you from now on. Eggs in, wait for the beep and enjoy!


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#5 Veggie Spiralizer

Kitchen GadgetZucchini noodles, chopped onions like the chef without a cutting board or knife? Yes, you can! You can create thousands of cool spiralized veggies in minutes you will love with a veggie spiralizer.



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#6 Kitchen and Bath Brush Cleaner

Kitchen GadgetsWith this helper, your kitchen will shine like on the first day and you’ll be blown away by how easy and fast it is, and the ingenious – you can use it for your bath too!


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#7 Hanging Pantry

Spices, rice, and other cooking stuff need a lot of space, that’s a big problem in a small kitchen or kitchen without a pantry. So this awesome kitchen gadget helps you out. It will transform your door into a hanging pantry to keep your kitchen more organized and clean.


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#8 Kitchen Sponge Holder

Kitchen GadgetsSick and tired that your cleaning or cooking stuff lies disorganized? With this holder, this is the new home for them. Makes it easy to let them dry out, saves you place in your kitchen and organize the stuff.


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#9 Pan Organizer

Organize your pans and get a lot of free space in your kitchen box with this brilliant kitchen gadget.



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#10 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Kitchen GadgetsNo more dull blades. With this kitchen gadget, knife sharpening will make a child’s play, whether a chef’s knife, paring knife or another knife. Your knife will cut again as on the day of purchase.


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#11 Oven Mitts

Never ever burn again, I think every cook knows that if you want to turn something from the grill, oven or take out and you burn yourself terrible, end it!



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#12 Spice Carousel

The spice journey begins. Your relatives and neighbors will envy you for that.

It’s space saving, looks awesome and can save you a lot of money if you just buy the spices without the boxes and fill it in here…


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These are the most popular Kitchen Gadgets in 2019. I hope there was something for you to make your life easier!




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