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10 Best Cooking Hacks To Save Time & Make Your Life Easier

10 Best Cooking Hacks To Save Time & Make Your Life Easier

Check out the best cooking hacks that make your life easier and save you a lot of time.

#1 Cooking Hack

Make your Sauces and Soups consistency nice and smooth without clumps

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Just add lemon juice or white wine to your soups and sauces to get a really nice consistency and to keep it smooth without clumps.

#2 Cooking Hack

Fry your spices to unlock more flavor

If you fry your favorite spices in oil you will be wondering how this easy hack can unlock more flavors. The spices need not more than 1-2 minutes frying to reach the maximum level. If you’re finished just add whatever you want to cook and look forward to the taste explosion.

#3 Cooking Hack

The magic hack to make fluffy cakes

In short words. Use buttermilk. It works best if you make your own buttermilk, the industrial one is not that good. So you can do your own easily, just add a teaspoon of lemon juice to regular milk and let them sit for 15 to 20 minutes.

#4 Cooking Hack

The Secret of Professional Bakers

Best Cooking Hacks

Before professional bakers decorate cakes they freeze them wrapped in plastics. Freezing steady up the fat so it’s easier to decorate it and makes it less crumbly.

#5 Cooking Hack

The Hack to avoid that your fish stick to the grill

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This is a very easy and effective cooking hack, it’s one of my absolute favorite best cooking hacks. As simple it is, before you start grilling, take a cooking brush and grease the fish with mayonnaise, which prevents it from sticking to it, and it also prevents it from turning too brown.

#6 Cooking Hack

How to get super creamy potatoes

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Instead of cooking potatoes in water, you cook them in heavy cream before you mash them and after, use cooking cream to get them perfect. That makes potatoes powerful, creamy and they get a lot more flavor, this is awesome.

#7 Cooking Hack

Give baked goods the special flavor

Milk Powder is the key to add a special flavor if it comes to baking goods. You can use this for any baked good. It doesn’t result in a milky flavor, it boosts the already existing flavors and gives them more depth.

#8 Cooking Hack

How to make a fast and delicious roasted garlic

Roasted Garlic is delicious. The problem is, it takes endless long in the oven. So many cooks avoid doing that. To make it much faster you can roast the garlic in a microwave for about 7 minutes. Put the garlic in a larger bowl with the top cut off and add a little bit of water and olive oil. Close the bowl with plastic around to seal it and start the microwave.

#9 Cooking Hack

How to get mouthwatering burger meat

Before grilling the meat press a small ice cube into the middle of the patty, form the beef around it so it seals and grill like you normally do. Enjoy the mouthwatering juicy burger meat.

#10 Cooking Hack

How to get a fast soft butter you can easily work with

Best cooking hacks finish now. Cold butter is hard to work with or eat it. So this is the fast solution. Put your cold butter on a plate. Then warm up a large enough glass with hot water, put the water out and clean it, and put it over the cold butter for about 2 minutes.

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best cooking hacks